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THE SOLUTION - It is Time Standup for Israel

      The Israel Longhorn Project - A HOLISTIC PROJECT

          “We need sponsors and donors”

Much of the Galilee is overflowing with non-native shrubs that burn
at a higher temperature igniting trees and cause forest fires. The
earth is very dry and lacks healthy bacteria and fungi.
The Solution - A Holistic approach to enhance ecosystem processes
thereby build soil health, increase water and carbon absorption
by increased grass growth and return life to dry soils. Benefits the
Galilee and regional environments, community economics, social
and international relations.
The European beef cattle brought to Israel 60 years ago were bred
for a rich pasture environment, not for Israel’s semi-arid desert
We will bring Texas Longhorns home to Israel to solve this problem
and help ranchers and farmers. (Texas Longhorn cattle are pre-
adaptive to the desert environment.) do we need this.
if everyone does the best they can we can solve this problem togethe.
If each of you helps with a small donation it will build to a large
amount to help end this nightmare.

Robin Rosenblatt, M.Sc. Animal Science, former IDF and past anti Terrorist Agent

        The Israel Longhorn Project Nonprofit 501(c) 3 #74-3177354

                    7777 Bodega Ave. S-107; Sebastopol, CA 95472

                Tel: 650-631-9270 / Cell: 650-339-0269

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